Referral Letters Supporting Richard Mills, Independent Marriage Celebrant

When applying to become a celebrant, it is a requirement that you submit as part of your application some letters in support of you in your bid. Here are some of the lovely words of commendation I received:

I have the great pleasure in supporting Richard Edward Mills in his application for becoming a marriage celebrant.

Richard and I have known each other for at least ten years through my involvement as General Manager at Tirohana Estate where he has been MC extraordinaire at our Toast Martinborough site, corporate events and as DJ/MC at many, many weddings we have been blessed to have hosted.

As a venue, we see many entertainers in the form of DJ’s, bands and soloists come and go but Richard has always stood out as the most professional reliable and first class entertainer we have seen and one who we are totally confident can deliver the very best for such a Special Day for our clients.

Richard’s abilities in presentation are second to none – he does his research and brings a professional and slickness to even the seemingly most mundane information/presentation in an entertaining way (I have witnessed him as MC at many corporate events here at the vineyard from farmers to high end cars, geophysicists to charity events).

The ability to ‘read the crowd’ and adapt to any (and all) situations is a real ability and Richard instantly puts everyone at ease with his easy going but authoritative personality.

When clients are planning their wedding we are always asked to recommend not only entertainment but celebrants, photographers, videographers, cake makers, florists, beauty and hair technicians and all manner of other suppliers. We have absolutely no qualms in recommending Richard’s services as entertainer for events – in fact, Richard’s is the first name we recommend. I have been lucky to witness Richard’s incredible interpersonal skills first hand many times throughout some challenging issues such as bad weather or difficult circumstances that can arise at any event.

He has always kept his calm, dealt with the situation in a timely fashion and never once showed any stress or strain in even the most tempestuous of conditions – at a recent wedding for example, the skies opened and rain poured down but Richard kept the bridal party happy, all the guests entertained and even managed to acknowledge the staff in his closing speech before the dancing began, which showed his empathy and ability to look beyond the moment.

We at Tirohana Estate find often that as there are so many weddings in Martinborough that it can be difficult for clients to secure a celebrant for their wedding (there are several ceremonies in the region each and every weekend throughout the high season) and to have Richard be able to not only deliver the very best in entertainment for the reception but to actually conduct the ceremony would be priceless to us as a venue.

I am so confident of Richard’s skills that he was the only person I recommended to my sous chef and her fiancé for their upcoming wedding as an MC/DJ. This will be the second same sex marriage that we have hosted here at Tirohana Estate and Richard’s personality, his attention to detail and his caring and sensitive approach to our clients is second to none.

Richard is always well prepared, has a good knowledge of the clients and their family and friends (via funny anecdotes or emotional messages during the reception), works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that there is a smooth-running order and that the front of house and back of house work and communicate together to deliver a seamless event.

I firmly believe that the unique ability to tie the MC and entertainment element with the marriage celebrant would be a huge asset to Tirohana Estate as a venue (and all other venues that Richard attends) but also as a stand-alone service for those who want someone who is sincere, approachable, sensitive, professional and prepared.

Richard’s vast experience in the entertainment and hospitality industry is enhanced by his natural ability to connect with people on all levels and the talent of thinking outside the square and anticipating problems before they arise.

I wish Richard the very best in his pursuit of becoming a marriage celebrant and look forward to his conducting ceremonies here at Tirohana Estate in the very near future.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Your sincerely,

Saranne James
General Manager
Tirohana Estate

It is my pleasure to be able to write well of Richard Edward Mills. We first engaged Richard and his company for his public speaking, master of ceremonies skills and experience.

Our brief to Richard was very broad and to be honest, so new that we developed part of the criteria we needed with direction provided by Richard and his company for most of our major events functions and public facing interactions by the Chamber.

Richard has been fantastic with our internal and external stakeholders both locally and regionally and ensured that we have become very polished in what we do and how our functions and events are run and received.

At all times during our interactions Richards work has been delivered on time to a high standard, although this is no surprise as Richard and his company ShowPro have earnt very high praise across industry sectors for their delivery and service outcomes, in addition to being recognised by many of the dignitaries that we interact with on a regular basis.

We have enjoyed Richards’s tenacity, work ethic and ability to deliver outstanding standards in customer service as a team player, enabling all to achieve a competitive advantage in a valued manner.

Promising what you can deliver and delivering on those promises makes a company competitive and successful, I have no doubt that without Richards driving force enabling this to happen behind the scenes for our functions & events outcomes would have not been achieved year on year. I know his contributions are valued and always significant to any of his clients.

Richard is an asset to the business community in which he serves, a great team player who is selfless and always gives 100% someone who we would highly recommend to any prospective and future clients he may seek out to work with across the business community.

We are fully supportive of Richards desire to become a celebrant in this regard he would be an asset to any community in which he served.

Should you wish to contact the writer please feel free, I would gladly accept your call to discuss Richard Mills further.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Futter
Chief Executive
Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce & Industry

I met Richard as part of a marriage ceremony that I was performing for close friends. Richard was the emcee and also the DJ for the following part of the ceremony.

Upon being introduced to Richard, I was immediately impressed with how personable he was and this blended seamlessly with his thoroughly professional approach to his part of the day’s festivities. I normally like to control the music during the ceremony myself, but instantly felt at ease enough to have Richard take care of it for me and it was confidence that was well placed.

Having observed Richard throughout the rest of the day and evening’s festivities, and from my years of being a celebrant, plus having observed other celebrants, I feel that Richard would be a valuable addition to our numbers.

Also, with his personable approach, public speaking ability and DJ set up, he offers that complete package that many couples will find so helpful in completing their wonderful day.

I have no hesitation in supporting Richard’s application in becoming a marriage celebrant.
Yours sincerely

Morris Arthur West

I am president of Development Wainuiomata, a voluntary group that works to strengthen the business environment of Wainuiomata, mainly by running a monthly business breakfast. Until October 2016 I was also a Hutt City Councillor representing Wainuiomata.

I saw and heard Richard long before meeting him, at awards and fundraising events attended over six years as a Councillor, particularly those run by the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce. As a master of ceremonies, he has a rich velvety voice and a commanding presence.

Development Wainuiomata was to hold an election forum in September 2016 leading up to the local body elections, and as I was a candidate we as a committee decided to invite an independent facilitator. Mark Futter, CEO of the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, of which Development Wainuiomata is a member, recommended Richard as one of two possibilities. I contacted Richard, and he kindly agreed to charge us a fraction of his usual speaking fee so we could afford his help.

I was impressed not only by his kindness and the professional way in which he conducted the forum, but also his genuine interest in Wainuiomata. He made comments about the community that were appropriate, accurate and supportive. At the end of the meeting he stayed on to chat to us individually, and I realised that he is a genuinely engaged and engaging person.

As a professional speaker and facilitator, Richard’s speaking and presentation skills seem to come naturally to him. I have sometimes found presenters’ banter at formal events to be somewhat jarring, but this has never been the case with Richard. I am sure his skills will be transferable to conducting ceremonies that are meaningful to families and their friends.

I believe Richard’s genuine interest in people and the effort he makes to attune with their interests and wishes will be an asset to the community and the people who entrust him with their special ceremonies. I hope his qualities and abilities will be utilised through his appointment as a celebrant.

Margaret Willard